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I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and worked at the University of Moscow as a research physicist studying the Northern Lights. In the mid-1990′s I won a US government lottery and immigrated to US. I now reside with my husband in a town Bellingham, near the British Columbia border.

Inspite lifelong interest in art and photography and taking a few drawing, painting and art history classes I cosider myself a self-taught artist.
For a number of years I could not focus on art as I was busy adjusting to a new country and raising children. Not until 2006 I was able to start making art more or less full time.

My interest in art range from beatiful Earthly scenes to outer space vistas and other planet landscapes to colorful abstractions. Recently I became a Journeman member in International Assosiation of Astronomical Artists (IAAA) and enthusiastically exploring different approaches to paint places where imagination can go but camera not yet.  


My husband often helps me with names of my artwork (if you see funny name on painting - it's his idea) - he is a musician and songwriter: Charles Bates